Thanks to ongoing research into every aspect of the incubation, transport and brooding processes, HatchTech has extensive insight into and knowledge of a wide range of industry issues. On your request, our coaches would be glad to look into specific issues on-site in order to help you maximise your results – and enhance your profits!

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We offer a set of two practical training courses specifically designed for hatchery staff members who will be working with HatchTech equipment. 

Start-up training in the Netherlands
The training in the Netherlands is also suitable for staff members in need of a refreshment course or staff members new to your hatchery. During this training we will perform training sessions in the following subjects;

-       Incubation principles
-       HatchTech concept & design 
-       Working instructions
-       Standard operating procedures
-       Quality analysis
-       Trouble shooting
-       Field trips to a running HatchTech hatchery with practical instructions and demonstrations 

We recommend this training to at least be participated by the Hatchery Manager, Quality Manager, and Technical Engineer. 

Follow-up training on-site
On-site training of the staff responsible for managing the HatchTech incubation equipment. During this visit we will perform onsite training and evaluation in the following subjects;  

-       Hatchability 
-       Quality control 
-       Incubation profiles 
-       Working instructions
-       Standard operating procedures 
-       Evaluation of other factors that may impact your hatchery performance

During both courses the language will be English. Other languages are possible with the help of a translator. 

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Willem van den Oetelaar

Willem van den Oetelaar

Hatchery Coach
+31 318 512 511