Trillium opens HatchCare hatchery in Stratford, Canada

November 21, 2018

On November 13, Trillium opened a new hatchery in Stratford, Canada. The hatchery will produce 20 million day-old chicks per year and is fully equipped with HatchTech products - including HatchCare, our hatcher with feed, fresh water and light.

Trillium Hatchery Inc. was founded by hatching egg farmer Dave Brock and chicken farmer Murray Booy. The company is a consortium of Ontario farmers, with the goal to produce chicks that hatched in a more animal-friendly environment and are free of antibiotics.

“Synergy Agri Group Inc. already implemented HatchCare in their hatchery in Nova Scotia and therefore provides their day-old chicks with early feeding and drinking. We saw their impressive field results and decided to equip our hatchery with HatchCare too”, states Dave Brock, one of the founding directors. Murray Booy adds: "For us, HatchCare is the only hatcher which meets today’s demands for more animal-friendly production. It is a revolutionary technology. We firmly believe early feeding and drinking is the way to go, and we’re thrilled to open this hatchery where chicks are provided with feed, fresh water and light directly post-hatch. Trillium will provide healthier chicks which are produced more humanely and more effectively.”  

International Sales Manager Michiel van Veldhuisen attended the opening and was impressed. “It was a perfectly organized and very festive ribbon-cutting ceremony. Everybody got a chance to take a tour through the hatchery. Trillium’s staff was working at that moment, so you could see HatchCare in action and really experience the difference that early feeding and drinking makes for the chick. The response was very positive and the visitors were really enthusiastic. We wish Trillium a bright future and are looking forward to our further cooperation.”

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