Inghams Group Limited selects HatchCare for its new hatchery facility in Victoria, Australia

February 11, 2019

Inghams Group Limited, (Ingham’s) Australia and New Zealand’s leading integrated poultry producer, has selected HatchTech for the construction of a new hatchery complex in Victoria. The project will be equipped with the latest technology, including the HatchTech MicroClimer S126720 and HatchCare – the only hatcher with feed, fresh water and light. The hatchery project is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

The hatchery project is the third large-scale hatchery that HatchTech will build for Ingham’s after projects in Queensland (2006) and South Australia (2016). Mr. Timos Lolis, Group Head of Capital Projects says: “we are proud that we have taken the decision to install the latest technology of HatchTech – including HatchCare – into this new hatchery complex. We are looking forward to starting the construction, and hatching healthy and strong day old chicks. Ingham’s prides itself on its leading market position, high quality product, and the ongoing development of its supply chain to meet current and future customer needs. We support this with a strong focus on innovation and commitment to food safety, environmental sustainability and animal welfare. The choice for HatchTech – and early feeding and fresh water via HatchCare – is based on information that was collected during multiple reference visits and discussions with poultry specialists. We are looking forward to continuing our strong relationship with HatchTech.”

“Our agreement with Ingham’s and their choice for HatchCare, confirms the global success of early feeding and drinking. We are honoured and proud that Ingham’s, an integrated poultry producer of international standing and reputation, yet again chooses for HatchTech for this important and large-scale project”, says Marc de Visser, International Sales Manager HatchTech.

About Ingham’s
Ingham’s is Australia and New Zealand’s leading integrated poultry producer supplying leading retail, quick service restaurants and food service customers, processing 4 million birds per week and employing
approximately 8,000 people. Ingham’s operations include 10 feed mills, breeder and broiler farms, 11
hatcheries, seven primary processing plants, seven further processing plants and nine distribution centres.

On the picture, from left to right: 

  • Tom van de Beek, Farming Optimization Manager at Ingham’s 
  • Joost ter Heerdt,Commercial Director at HatchTech Group 
  • Marc de Visser,Internationals Sales Manager at HatchTech
  • Timos Lolis, Group Head of Capital Projects at Ingham’s
  • Henk van den Heuvel, HatchTech Representative Australia & New Zealand
  • Nick van de Zande, Area Sales Manager at Viscon Hatchery Automation
  • Mathew Easton, Network Optimization Manager at Ingham’s

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