Aviagen purchases Chick Storage equipment for Sweden

08 мая 2019

HatchTech is pleased to announce that recently a new contract with Aviagen has been signed to install a Chick Storage Room in its Swedish parent stock hatchery. Due to this installation Aviagen Swechick AB will be able to store newly-hatched chicks in excellent conditions.

As a satisfied user of the Chick Storage Rooms,  Aviagen has implemented Chick Storage Rooms in its parent stock hatcheries across the world to even better safeguard the quality of its parent stock chicks. These chicks are stored in optimal conditions, with a uniform climate, so the chicks are able to maintain a constant body temperature. This is essential to ensure the superior chick quality.

For day-old chicks to thrive and optimally develop, it is crucial that the facilities where the chicks are stored provide the right environmental conditions. The chicks begin to experience heat stress and are at an increased risk of dehydration if the body temperature rises any higher than the ideal temperature of between 104 and 105°F. The Chick Storage Rooms of HatchTech have been carefully designed to deliver the perfect temperature and uniform airflow that chicks need to guarantee outstanding development and superior quality.

Due to the unique design of the HatchTech Chick Storage Rooms with the laminar airflow technology no space is required between the baskets. This makes it possible to store significantly more day-old chicks – up to 30% compared with traditional storage conditions. Furthermore the Chick Storage Rooms can be integrated in any existing or new hatchery regardless of the brand of incubation equipment.

Patrick van Manen, International Sales Manager at HatchTech, added: “We are excited that after investing time and effort in the Nordics, more and more companies from this region are buying HatchTech technology. They acknowledge the benefits of the Chick Storage Room, HatchTraveller and HatchCare, the hatcher with feed, fresh water and light. These products provide the optimal environment for embryos and day-old-chicks, which results in higher hatching ratios and healthier and stronger chicks. We are eager to constantly contribute to a superior chick quality in the Nordics.” 

Would you to know more about HatchTech Chick Storage Rooms or other HatchTech products? Please contact Patrick van Manen via emailaddress pvmanen@hatchtech.nl.


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