HatchTech Customer Care visits Malaysia, Leong Hup International

June 03, 2019

As part of our service program, Willem van den Oetelaar, Hatchery Coach at HatchTech, visited Leong Hup International (LHI) in Malaysia to support them to maximize their results with HatchTech HatchBrood Units.

Willem analysed the hatchery practices and the performance of new-born chicks before and after their period in HatchBrood Units. He also provided training. With a lot of enthusiasm they practiced and discussed various techniques that will have a positive impact on the health and performance of chicks, to produce stronger and healthier chicks. 

Since 2015 LHI uses HatchTech HatchBrood Units to provide new-born chicks a good start in their early life. In several phases HatchTech installed ten HatchBrood Units at three locations of LHI: Pagoh, Tangkak and Bidor. LHI is one of the largest, fully integrated, producers of poultry, eggs and livestock feed in Southeast Asia. 

HatchBrood Units are designed to uniformly deliver the optimal environment for all chicks during the first four days of their life. These chicks are provided with the perfect climate, feed, fresh water and light to give them an optimal start. With HatchBrood, the conditions in the first four days of brooding are consistent. This improves the performance and predictability of final field results. 

Thanks to ongoing research into every aspect of the incubation, transport and brooding processes, HatchTech has extensive insight into and knowledge of a wide range of industry issues. Willem van den Oetelaar, Hatchery Coach at HatchTech: “Every day we are committed to support our customers in Asia and all over the world to consistently deliver top-quality chicks day after day.”

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