HatchTech Customer Care visits Switzerland, Micarna SA

July 01, 2019

Recently, Gerbert van Putten, Technician at HatchTech, visited Micarna SA (Micarna) in Switzerland as part of the service program.

During his visit Gerbert inspected the technical condition and performance of the HatchTech equipment and performed the necessary maintenance. Furthermore he provided technical support to the hatchery staff and trained them how to use the different settings of HatchTech equipment and how to monitor them.   

Micarna’s main location is Courtepin, Switzerland. The company has 25 locations throughout Switzerland. Its hatchery is located in Avenches and has a capacity of more than two million egg places. The hatchery owns twenty HatchTech MicroClimer Setters, one Chick Storage Room and four HatchCare’s, the hatchers with feed, fresh water and light. When a day-old-chick has access to feed immediately after hatching it uses the residual yolk for critical organ development. This results in stronger and healthier chicks.

For more than 50 years, Micarna has been the leading meat, poultry and seafood producer in Switzerland. More than 2 million consumers in Switzerland and Europe enjoy top-rate and high-quality Micarna products daily. With the HatchTech service program we ensure customers, like Micarna, continuously deliver superior quality chicks.

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On the picture (on the right): Gerbert van Putten, Technician at HatchTech providing technical support.

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