HatchTech Customer Care visits Switzerland, Micarna SA

August 12, 2019

Together with the hatchery staff of Micarna SA, Marco Thiessen, Hatchery Trainer at HatchTech, discussed working processes, questions and best practices about running a hatchery.

This is the first visit of a series of biological consults that have been scheduled. In good cooperation with the hatchery staff the hatching and management process have been analysed by means of a break-out and though observation of the hatching egg and chick quality. Based on data, analyses and observations, we made an action plan that Micarna SA can follow up.

In addition to this, the start-up results of Mircarna SA have been discussed. Their results are great, with a high performance in the hatcheries, a low mortality at poultry farms and satisfied customers.

For more than 50 years, Micarna SA is the leading meat, poultry and seafood producer in Switzerland. More than 2 million consumers in Switzerland and Europe enjoy top-rate and high-quality Micarna SA products daily. We are pleased to support them with our service program and help them to maximise their results and to continue to deliver superior chick quality. 

Please send an email to if you want to know more about our customer care department.

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