HatchTech Customer Care visits Saudi Arabia, Al Bayad Farms Co.

September 09, 2019

Recently, our Hatchery Coach, Rick Stigter, discussed with Al Bayad Farms Co. possibilities to maximize their results and create optimal performance. He also trained their hatchery staff and taught them best hatchery practices.

Located approximately 100 km south from Riyadh Al Bayad Farms Co. owns two layer hatcheries that are equipped with HatchTech MicroClimer Setters and Hatchers and a Chick Storage Room. HatchTech's equipment is based on the laminar air flow technology. This ensures that the air flow is exactly the same throughout the egg pack and that the optimal temperature is provided to each egg and day-old chick, resulting into stronger and healthier chicks. Furthermore, they own eight HatchTravellers. HatchTravellers are also equipped with the laminar air flow technology, which provides the optimal transport conditions for their day-old chicks during the long transport distances and in extreme weather conditions.

Al Bayad Farms Co. operates in the farming, fishing & plantations, and food & drug retailers sectors. They strive to produce superior day-old chick quality to reach maximum genetic potential in the field. In total their hatcheries have a capacity of more than four million egg places. Since 2007 HatchTech and Al Bayad Farms Co. are close partners. Rick is looking forward to keep supporting them to deliver superior chick quality.

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