HatchTech Customer Care visits Huayu Agricultural Science, China

October 07, 2019

Recently, the hatchery staff of Huayu Agricultural Science (Huayu) in China has been trained by Job Mentink, Technician at HatchTech, about the technical aspects of hatching. He showed them how to use the different settings of HatchTech equipment and how to monitor them.

Furthermore Job performed several software and mechanical updates on their HatchTech incubation equipment. In order for these machines to continuously operate at top level it is necessary to do this on a regularly basis.

Huayu is located in Handan, China and is the largest layer hatchery of the world. The company owns 36 HatchTech MicroClimer Setters, 30 HatchTech MicroClimer Hatchers and 1 Chick Storage Room. Due to the laminar airflow technology in this equipment they can provide their embryos and day-old- chicks with the optimal climate conditions to become superior quality chicks.

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