HatchTech to build second hatchery with Al Bayad Farms Co. in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

July 23, 2015
Al Bayad

HatchTech and Al Bayad Farms have signed a contract for the installation of a turnkey hatchery facility located 150 km south from Riyadh.

This facility will be equipped with MicroClimer Setters and Hatchers, as well as support systems for cooling, heating and ventilation. To ensure optimal body temperatures and to prevent dehydration during storage, Al Bayad has chosen to use HatchTech’s unique Chick Storage Room with laminar airflow technology. When operational, the hatchery will have an annual capacity of 52 million incubated eggs.

According to Dr. Ahmad Al Thonayan, President of Al Bayad Farms, “it was a logical decision to select HatchTech as partner for this project. At Al Bayad Farms we strive to produce superior day-old chick quality in order to reach maximum genetic potential in the field. We are convinced that the unique technology of HatchTech, in combination with their extensive knowledge gained from research, provides the best solution to achieve our goals of excellence”.

HatchTech and Al Bayad Farms have been close partners since 2007, when they first teamed up for the construction of a turnkey layer hatchery. 

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