HatchTech inspires at Berlin conference

September 17, 2015
IFRG - PDP conference

HatchTech gave inspiring lectures at the IFRG and PDP conference in Berlin (1–4 September).  Our research team shared our latest knowledge with an audience of experts form the poultry sector.

With three presentations on various subjects our research team took the audience on a journey through the beautiful mystery of hatching. The HatchTech researchers left a great impression and inspired the audience about:   


  • The effect of light during incubation on bone development of the chicken
  • The effect of eggshell temperature from day 15 of incubation till hatch on chick quality
  • The effect of SPIDES and a slow warming profile at the start of incubation on hatchability

Pay a visit to our research library and learn more about our Research team its expertise.

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