Consumer trends guide hatcheries to invest in HatchCare

October 28, 2015

The world has changed, and new legislation on poultry production has come into place. Still, hatcheries have to consider their profitability too. HatchCare – the hatcher with light, feed and water, is the solution for the modern poultry industry.

“In HatchCare, chicks have a head start, making them stronger and more vigorous. Consequently, they need less medication during the growing period, and reach target weight more quickly,” says Wim van de Vegte, general manager at Lagerwey hatchery. “Some of our growers achieve up to an additional € 0.05 per chicken delivered to processing.”

Read the full article on page 10 of Poultry International Vol 54, No.11, click here for the magazine.

For more information, visit the HatchCare webpage.

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