Technical knowledge improves bottom-line results

March 11, 2016
HatchTech Service Training

As the machinery in your hatchery is being used intensively, routine, preventive maintenance is important to provide consistent superior chick quality and therefore top bottom line results. We offer a Service Training Programme to secure that your staff’s technical knowledge is at top level. Mr DongKwon Min from Kaeyong Co., Ltd, South Korea, recently took this training, and recommends it to hatchery technicians all around the globe.

Kaeyong Co., Ltd’s service technician, Mr Min, visited HatchTech in the Netherlands for a three-day course, providing him with the latest knowledge and tools to continue delivering the very best quality at the lowest possible operating costs.

“Since 2014, I’ve been happily working with HatchTech’s unique concept as service technician at Kaeyong Co., Ltd,” says Mr Min. “The extra expertise that HatchTech provides during the training directly influences our company’s profit. I strongly recommend the Service Training Programme to technicians around the globe, because it definitely pays back in terms of bottom line.”


Mr. Min received highly effective hands-on training delivered by expert certified HatchTech tech nicians at our headquarters in the Netherlands, as well as on site at a nearby HatchTech hatchery. By the end of the training, he was successfully tested and certified.

HatchTech offers Service Training Programmes in the Netherlands, but we can also deliver the training at your own hatchery. The program is tailored to each customer’s needs, and is made up of individual modules focused on the specific HatchTech system components that you make use of.

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