Kaeyong Co., Ltd and HatchTech confirm hatchery extension

March 18, 2016
Cherry Bro

HatchTech and Korea’s leading poultry producer Kaeyong Co., Ltd have confirmed an extension of their original hatchery, which was built in 2013. With this extension, the hatchery is increasing its capacity while providing each individual chick with the ideal environmental conditions for outstanding development.

Because of increasing demand, the Korean poultry producer has decided to extend their hatchery with nine MicroClimer Setters and three MicroClimer Hatchers, raising its production capacity to 85,662,720 eggs per year.

“We selected HatchTech MicroClimer single-stage incubation, including the complete ventilation, back in 2013. We made this decision so that we could deliver consistently superior chick quality and distinguish ourselves on the Korean market by keeping pace with the latest innovations and technologies in the hatchery industry,” says Mr. SJ Yoo, Director of Kaeyong Co., Ltd.

“HatchTech’s cutting-edge technology proved its strong benefits for Keayong Co., Ltd businesses,” says Joost ter Heerdt, HatchTech’s Commercial Director. “We’re proud to call ourselves partners for life.”

Click here for more information on the HatchTech MicroClimer Setter.

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