Ter Heerdt Hatchery to benefit from all-in HatchTech service agreement

August 26, 2016
terheerdt hatchtech service

HatchTech and Ter Heerdt Hatchery, from the Netherlands, have agreed on an all-in service contract for the next 10 years for all HatchTech equipment. The agreement offers the easiest way to maintain consistent hatchery performance, since all maintenance on the equipment is carried out by HatchTech’s Service Team.

The HatchTech Service Team carries out various support activities, which aim to help our customers produce optimum-quality chicks. The all-in service agreement enables customers to completely focus on the incubation process, without having to think about maintenance activities. This means HatchTech will perform all routine maintenance on specific components like the U-Vaporator™, CO2 sensors and humidity sensors. The Service Team will also repair and/or replace any component failures if necessary.

“We’re proud to strengthen our relationship with the hatchery by means of this service agreement,” says Hanold van de Pol, Manager of HatchTech’s Service Team. “We believe it’s important that our customers don’t have to worry about anything. That’s why we offer maintenance contracts that provide all-in service. If anything fails, we’ll replace it immediately – no bill, no fuss.”

“Our drive is to produce top-quality layer hens,” says Niek Ter Heerdt, Hatchery Manager at Ter Heerdt Hatchery. “We expect that this way of working with HatchTech’s Service Team will be very helpful to us. Thanks to the all-in agreement, we’ll be able to completely focus on what we do best – producing optimum-quality chicks.”

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