Visit HatchTech at EuroTier 2016

October 22, 2016

From 15 to 18 November, HatchTech will be attending the EuroTier 2016 tradeshow in Hannover, Germany. At the event, we will open our doors to show you the key to a sustainable and profitable future.

The poultry industry is demanding a reduction in the use of antibiotics, improved animal welfare, and maximum return on investment. To meet those demands, poultry professionals are increasingly opting for HatchCare, which allows them to benefit from early feeding.

Two years after introduction, HatchCare has a global installed base of 652 million day-old chicks per year. In the Netherlands, every week 3 million chicks are born in HatchCare hatcher, which represents a market share of 30% in the Dutch market. What is more, by mid-2017, 40% of the German demand for chicken is expected to be supplied by HatchCare chicks.

Visit us at EuroTier 2016 to find out how HatchCare could also boost your company’s development. You’re most welcome at Stand 02B33.

At our booth, we’ll show you the live hatching process of chicks in the active HatchCare system. A team of HatchTech specialists will be on hand to answer your questions and show you the impressive field results that HatchCare has already achieved.

Tickets for the event are available at the EuroTier Shop.

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