JJ:s Akeri extends fleet with third HatchTraveller

October 28, 2016

Swedish transport company JJ:s Akeri has invested in a third HatchTraveller because of increased demand for their chick transport activities.

JJ:s Akeri already had two HatchTravellers in its fleet and chose to invest in a third one because of the excellent results they achieved. The third HatchTraveller has a capacity of 144,000 day-old chicks and provides optimum and uniform temperatures in all seasons and climates, even during the cold Swedish winters.

The HatchTraveller is equipped with a unique climate control system that is based on HatchTech’s laminar airflow technology and patented perforated radiators. Unlike traditional systems, the HatchTraveller functions completely independently of outside climate conditions. Whether it is hot or cold, day or night, summer or winter, the conditions in the truck will always be completely stable and 100% controlled.

The system ensures that the temperature of every chick in the truck is kept at a constant 104°F – the neutral body temperature zone that enables chicks to make optimum use of its nutrients (yolk). This gives them the best start possible for growth and ongoing development, so that they can later achieve their full potential.

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