Training Course | 16 December 2015    

Maximise your hatchery performance in 2016!

Throughout the coming year we are offering you the opportunity to train your staff and maximise your hatchery performance. 

  • Are you getting maximum performance out of your hatchery?
  • Are you up-to-date with the latest incubation principles and tools that our technology has to offer?
  • And does your new staff know exactly “how it should be done”?

The next HatchTech training will be held from February 22 to 26. We will train your staff to be true hatchery experts!

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Maximize your hatchery performance

Our technology is easy to operate and maintain, but do your staff know all the ins and outs of your HatchTech equipment? The human factor remains crucial in successful hatchery management, and your staff can make or break the superior chick quality that our incubators provide. 

We offer you:

  • Theoretical and practical training at our headquarters in the Netherlands
  • In-depth knowledge of our HatchTech equipment
  • On-site crew training
  • Maximum hatchery performance

Training Course

To ensure that your staff feels confident about operating your HatchTech equipment and to maximize your hatchery performance, we offer a practical start-up training program. Geared to staff members who will be working with HatchTech equipment, the program consists of both theoretical and practical training.

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Train your staff to be true HatchTech experts.

Sign up for the start-up training course (click here)


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