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Edition 5 | 24 March 2016    

HatchTech Magazine – March 2016

The fifth edition of HatchTech Magazine is ready for you to read.

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From the Field

Maarten Hollemans, Innovation Manager at Coppens Animal Feed proves that the residual yolk is unsuited to be used as feed for day-old chicks.

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HatchTech Exclusive

HatchTech’s Setters and Hatchers are the only gas-sealed incubators that can consistently maintain a uniform egg weight loss of 12%.

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One of our researchers, Carla van der Pol, explains why storage and transport conditions are a crucial factor in chick development. 

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Tips & Chicks

HatchTech's Hatchery Coaching Manager, Willem van den Oetelaar, explains how to maintain perfect hatching egg quality.

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