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Invitation | 30 August 2016    

Discover HatchCare at VIV China 2016

...and find the answer to today's challenges 

The poultry industry is demanding reduction in antibiotics, improved animal welfare and maximum return on investment. Based on extensive scientific research into animal physiology, HatchTech has developed the answer to all these challenges:
HatchCare - the Hatcher with Feed and Water. 

Wpc2016-logo1 kYou are more than welcome to visit us at VIV China 2016. We will be there to answer all your questions and share with you the impressive field results that our solutions have already achieved.

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Visit HatchTech at the XXV World’s Poultry Congress

A team of HatchTech specialists will give you interesting readings you don't want to miss.

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Global HatchCare roll out is happening

The global poultry industry is opting for HatchCare in order to benefit from early feeding to meet the market's demands.

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