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HatchCare sets foot on Latin American shores, with a turn-key hatchery project in Peru

Don Pollo

The first Latin American HatchCare project is confirmed. By investing in a turn-key HatchTech hatchery in northern Peru, Don Pollo is getting ready to change the Latin American poultry industry.

Don Pollo decided to invest in HatchTech because the HatchCare system is perfectly in line with the philosophy of the company: being innovative and leading in the poultry industry.

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HatchTech to build second hatchery with Al Bayad Farms Co. in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Al Bayad

HatchTech and Al Bayad Farms have signed a contract for the installation of a turnkey hatchery facility located 150 km south from Riyadh.

When operational, the hatchery will have an annual capacity of 52 million incubated eggs.

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Have a look at our Digital Magazine

Magazine June

The second edition of HatchTech Magazine features:

  • HatchCare reducing antibiotic use
  • Higher hatchability thanks to gradual warming
  • The 3 steps to Successful Incubation

And many more items you don't want to miss about the new standard in incubation.

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Belarussian Vitkon Produkt & HatchTech have confirmed a 4th hatchery extension.

Vitkon Produkt

After three earlier successful hatchery development and extension phases, HatchTech and Vitkon Produkt now have agreed on a 4th extension of the hatchery.

Because of the great hatchery performance thanks to HatchTech’s solutions, Vitkon Produkt has decided to invest in HatchTech Incubation Technology again. 

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