39 | 21 April 2016  
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HatchTech and Bell & Evans revolutionise USA’s antibiotic free and organic poultry production

Bell & Evans and HatchTech have signed an agreement for the construction of a new turn-key hatchery project, which will be located in Fredericksburg, PA, USA. The greenfield hatchery includes 36 MicroClimer Setters and 12 HatchCare units, as well as complete HVAC with heat recovery and will have a production capacity of 78.000.000 day-old chicks a year.

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Lohmann Tierzucht invests in more Chick Storage Rooms

Lohmann Tierzucht, global leader in the production of parent stocks and laying hens, will be expanding their equipment with two HatchTech Chick Storage Rooms.

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Kaeyong Co., Ltd and HatchTech confirm hatchery extension

HatchTech and Korea’s leading poultry producer Kaeyong Co., Ltd have confirmed an extension of their original hatchery, which was built in 2013. With this extension, the hatchery is increasing its capacity while providing each individual chick with the ideal environmental conditions for outstanding development.

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Shandong Rongda Agricultural Development to build a new HatchBrood facility in China

The renowned Chinese duck producer Shandong Rongda Agricultural Development has invested in a greenfield HatchBrood facility. This means that ducklings will be brooded in an optimally controlled environment during the crucial four days post-hatch.

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