40 | 15 September 2016  
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Impressive HatchCare field results attract attention in North America

synergy hatchtech

Synergy Agri Group is achieving impressive field results since the opening of their hatchery in 2015. The hatchery is equipped with HatchTech MicroClimer Setters and HatchCare – the hatcher with light, feed and water. The positive field results at Synergy, have not gone unnoticed in the rest of the continent.

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Eiermacher GmbH extends layer hatchery with more HatchTech equipment

The Austrian layer hatchery Eiermacher GmbH has decided to extend its hatchery with more HatchTech equipment, due to outstanding results since the hatchery’s opening in 2014.

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HatchTech and Baromfi-Coop confirm second hatchery extension

Hungarian poultry producer Baromfi-Coop will be extending its hatchery for the second time since the initial start-up in 2012. Because of impressive results, the hatchery increases its production capacity in order to meet the increasing demand.

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HatchTech, HuaYu and Hy-Line to build world’s largest layer hatchery

huayu hatchtech

HatchTech, HuaYu and Hy-Line have agreed on the construction of world’s largest layer hatchery. Given today’s increasing demand for top-quality layer hens, HuaYu and Hy-Line have chosen HatchTech’s incubation technology for the project.

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