38 | 9 December 2015  
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OptiBrut GmbH constructs new hatchery with early feeding for stronger and healthier day-old-chicks

OptiBrut - HatchTech

OptiBrut GmbH and HatchTech have signed an agreement for the construction of a new turn-key hatchery project, which will be located in Emlichheim, Germany. The hatchery will be equipped with 28 MicroClimer Setters 115.200 and 12 units of HatchCare – the hatcher with feed and water – initially producing 500.000 day-old-chicks (d.o.c.), with a future increase to a total of 800.000.

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HatchTech and Al Ajban Poultry Farm confirm second hatchery extension

Al Ajban Poultry Farm will be expanding their hatchery for the second time since its launch in 2013, to continue their production of top quality day-old chicks.

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HatchTech extends presence in Latin America

Santa Elena

HatchTech and Santa Elena have agreed on building a new hatchery in Peru. The first phase of the project will have a capacity of approximately 1,340,000 hatching eggs a month.

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Cargill opens brand new HatchBrood facility in China

Cargill China

Cargill Animal Protein’s brand new HatchBrood facility in China is in full operation as we speak. The first round of production has been completed on October 28th 2015, a memorable day for both Cargill and HatchTech.

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