Abstract | Incubation conditions | Embryo physiology | Bone development

Effects of Temperature and CO2 during the Hatching Phase on Embryo Physiology

Oral Presentation at the XIVth European Poultry Conference, June 2014, by C. Maatjens

C. M. Maatjens*†, I. A. M. van Roovert-Reijrink*, I. van den Anker†, R. Molenaar‡, C. W. van der Pol*†, B. Kemp†, H. van den Brand†

*HatchTech B.V., P.O. Box 256, 3900 AG Veenendaal, the Netherlands; †Adaptation Physiology Group, Wageningen University, P.O. Box 338, 6700 AH Wageningen, the Netherlands; ‡Turi Foods, Devon Meadows, Australia.

The hatching phase is characterized by physiological and metabolic processes, which can be influenced by eggshell temperature (EST) and CO2 concentration.

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