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The Hatch Window

Presented on the XXII Latin American Poultry Congress June 2011, by Donna Hill, DVM, MAM, Dipl. ACPV

D. Hill, DVM, MAM, Dipl. ACPV1

1HatchTech B.V., P.O. Box 256, 3900 AG Veenendaal, The Netherlands.

What is the “natural” hatch window for a set of eggs? The definition of the “natural” hatch window is the time that it takes the chicks to hatch in an ideal incubation environment. In reality, a natural hatch window can only occur when the hen sets and hatches the eggs. Only in this "natural" situation can the hatch window be defined from the embryo perspective. In other words, there is no equipment influence on the hatch window.

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