AXYZ Group selects HatchTech for its new broiler hatchery in Japan

AXYZ Group selects HatchTech for its new broiler hatchery in Japan

 Japans leading integrated poultry producer AXYZ has selected HatchTech for the construction of a state-of-the-art greenfield HatchCare hatchery complex in Kagoshima. The agreement is built on shared values and visions related to animal health and well-being, sustainability and the absolute will to excel in the technical performance at hatchery and farm level. The hatchery completion is planned for Q4, 2021.

The new turn-key hatchery will replace a 50-year-old multistage hatchery and will include the HatchTech MicroClimer Setters 168.960 and HatchCare – the hatcher with feed, fresh water and light. Aside from these key components, innovative HatchTech solutions will be introduced such as an advanced cooling, heating and ventilation package, including an intelligent heat recovery system.

Feed and fresh water for healthier and stronger chicks

The transition to HatchCare will offer the newly hatched chicks a combination of optimal temperatures, constant access to feed and fresh water, and a generally more comfortable environment. This will lead to healthier and stronger chicks, with lower mortality rates and an improved feed conversion ratio (FCR).

“Initially, we only had a plan to expand our existing hatchery with the same incubator brand we have been using” says Mr. Ijichi CEO of AXYZ Group. “However, after we came in contact with HatchTech we gradually became interested in using HatchTech equipment to expand our current hatchery. Finally, after getting acquainted with the philosophy of HatchCare and the related benefits for our integration, building a completely new HatchCare hatchery was the only logical choice.”

“This is HatchTech’s second large-scale project in Japan within three years of entering the Japanese market. We are proud to have achieved this together with our local sales representative Kyowa Machinery. It is another important step forward for us in enlarging our presence in the Asian market“, says Marc de Visser, International Sales Manager HatchTech.

About AXYZ Group:

Founded in 1949, AXYZ is one of the leading integrated poultry producers, supplying leading retailers and quick service restaurants in Japan. AXYZ operates its own breeder farms, hatchery, commercial broiler farms, feed mill, processing plants, as well as their own biomass facility to turn the chicken manure into energy, used in their facilities. Besides this, 100% of their production is antibiotic-free.

Mr. Ijichi, CEO of AXYZ Group, and Marc de Visser, International Sales Manager at HatchTech Incubation Technology

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