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Our chicks are 15 grams heavier than we would normally see

Derek Detzler

Executive Director – Trillium Hatchery

We see chicks starts less than 1% seven-day mortality

Scott Sechler

President and Owner – Bell & Evans

The vitality of chicks is determined by early feeding

Jan Brok

Independent Poultry Advisor

We've a 98% average life of flock on hatch

Gary McAleer

Production Manager – Synergy Agri Group Ltd.

The effect of early feeding on chicks is significant

Edwin Paardekooper

Livestock Director – Probroed & Sloot


With the support of the HatchTech Coaching Team, we've seen hatchability increase by about 4%

Kornel Zyla

Owner – Modernhatch

The essence of the technology is automation. It is very user-friendly.

Sergey Litvinenko

Director – GAP

Our farmers are willing to pay an extra 3-4 cents per chick

Adam Havler

Sales Manager – Annyalla Chicks

HatchTech is reinventing the hatchery

Poultry Experts

Various industry experts talk about Early Feeding

What HatchTech has created is truly groundbreaking

Anton Grub

Strategic Project Manager – Micarna

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