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Integrated broiler hatcheries

In a competitive operating environment, HatchTech helps you maintain a high level of FCR and technical performance, while reducing day-to-day hatchery costs.

High-end broiler hatcheries

Reach the highest standards for early feeding, ‘no-touch’ automation and animal welfare with the most innovative automated hatchery equipment in the world.

Independent broiler hatcheries

Save on your building and operational costs with technology that helps you maximise the capacity of your hatchery, without impacting the quality of your chicks.

Layer hatcheries

Choose flexible solutions that meet the specific needs of your business, and ensure optimal, uniform results.

Genetic company hatcheries

The hatchery equipment you select for parent stock and genetics plays an important role, allowing you to maintain the best possible quality and meet the highest biosecurity and hygiene standards.

Our farmers are willing to pay an extra 3-4 cents per chick

Adam Havler | Sales Manager - Annyalla Chicks

Why HatchTech?


At HatchTech, we create the ideal conditions for incubation, based on our scientific research. Providing superior chick quality is part of our DNA, and our knowledge forms the basis of all our solutions.

Laminar airflow

Laminar airflow ensures that the optimal temperature produced by the MicroClimer technology is homogenously delivered to every egg or chick, resulting in outstanding, uniform chick quality.

Efficient Hatchery

Our incubators create the most efficient hatchery in the market, increasing the capacity of (existing) hatcheries, and minimising building and operational costs.

Early feeding

Our solutions provide chicks with access to fresh water and feed during the ‘hatching window’. The result is healthier chicks, as well as a more animal-friendly poultry production solution without antibiotics.

24/7 Support

With extensive knowledge across a wide range of industry issues, our team is on hand to help you maximise your results. We’re available to support you 24/7, in multiple languages.

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