Efficient Hatchery

Fewer square meters, more production

At HatchTech, we help customers around the world achieve outstanding chick quality and uniformity. However, we realise that, when it comes to chick production, these factors are not the only measures of success. In an industry facing rising costs and growing pressures around sustainability and the use of resources, our solutions help to maximise space and efficiency in hatcheries, so that producers achieve the best possible return on their investments.

By harnessing innovative energy-efficient technology, including our patented laminar airflow climate-control solution, our products eliminate the need for extensive heating, cooling and ventilation systems, as well as the traditional spaces needed to generate airflow between eggs and newborn chicks. With HatchTech, significantly less floor or basket space is required to cool, heat and ventilate chicks and eggs, so hatcheries can maximise their capacity and make better use of each square metre, with zero loss of quality.


Maximise your hatchery capacity – with no loss of quality

As well as reducing your building and operational costs, our solutions are designed to reduce the day-to-day power needs of your hatchery, resulting in significantly reduced energy costs as well as a lower carbon footprint across your operations. The result is not only a tangible cost saving in your pocket, but also a more efficient, sustainable and futureproof hatchery operation; one that’s better for your business and better for the planet.

Efficient hatchery products

Hatchery Feasibility & Layout

Work with our team to determine the feasibility and economic potential of your hatchery projects, and to design the physical layout of the project.

MicroClimer Hatchers

MicroClimer Hatchers enable optimal incubation conditions for eggs, maximising hatchability as well as the quality of newborn birds.

MicroClimer Setters

MicroClimer Setters harness HatchTech’s laminar airflow technology to enable optimal developmental conditions for your eggs throughout incubation.

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