Sharing our expertise

The HatchTech Research Library has been developed over many years. Based on the work of our researchers and poultry specialists, the library offers knowledge and learnings on a range of topics related to poultry production and hatchery management, including PhD theses on early feeding and other incubation topics, as well as post-hatch chick development. 

An interview with Carla van der Pol – Head of Research at HatchTech

Hungary’s poultry dynasty extends HatchTech investment

Better Chicken Commitment with Michiel van Veldhuisen

ModernHatch expands its partnership with new HatchCare agreement

Better Chick Storage, Better Welfare

An interview with Jan Wijnen, PhD-candidate at HatchTech

Organo Group selects HatchCare for their new broiler hatchery in Egypt

HatchTech builds state-of-the-art headquarters

AXYZ Group selects HatchTech for its new broiler hatchery in Japan

Modern Hatch continues growth with HatchCare in Poland

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