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Achieving predictable, consistent, superior chick quality begins with making sure the needs of each embryo are consistently and uniformly met during incubation. The embryo temperature, determined by the environmental conditions around the egg, is especially important. All of our incubators, setters and hatchers are designed to provide embryos and chicks with optimal, uniform conditions.

Essential Equipment

Egg and Chick Carriers

Supporting Products

Chick Transport

MicroClimer Setters

MicroClimer Setters harness HatchTech’s laminar airflow technology to enable optimal developmental conditions for your eggs throughout incubation.


SetCare is a revolutionary new solution from HatchTech. Developed through years of extensive in-house research into the start of the incubation process, our setter system extends the incubation period for eggs from the industry-standard 21 days to 24 days.

MicroClimer Hatchers

We provide multiple hatcher options for hatching chicks under optimal conditions. Our MicroClimer and HatchCare systems both utilise MicroClimer and laminar airflow technology.


With HatchCare, chicks hatch under optimum and uniform temperature conditions, and are provided with fresh water, feed and light as soon as they hatch.

Chick Storage

The HatchTech Chick Storage Room has been carefully designed to deliver the perfect temperature and uniform airflow that chicks need to guarantee outstanding development and superior quality.


HatchBrood is designed to control the brooding environment during the critical first four days of a chick’s life. Specifically, our solution ensures a continuous supply of fresh water, air, feed and light for brooding chicks.

HatchTech Hatcher Baskets

The HatchTech Hatcher Baskets are specially designed to uniformly provide optimum airflow to all eggs and chicks in the basket.

HatchTech Setter Trays

The HatchTech Setter Trays are specially designed to deliver ideal airflow to every single egg. Easy to handle and perfectly suited for high-speed automation.

HatchTech Hatcher Dolly

Designed to be easily manoeuvred, and remarkably strong and stable so employees can work more effectively.

HatchTech Setter Trolleys

HatchTech Setter Trolleys are designed to support an optimal incubation process. Strong, durable and extremely stable.

Hatchery Management System

Run comprehensive analyses and make informed decisions

Hatchery Pre-Humidification Unit

Ensure an optimally conditioned air supply for your setters and hatchers – and optimal functioning – year-round.

Hatchery Cooling and Heating

Design and build the ideal cooling and heating system for your hatchery

Hatchery Ventilation

Create optimal ventilation in every part of your hatchery

Egg Sanitation Room

Ensure egg sanitation that is not only highly effective and controlled, but perfectly simple

Reverse Osmosis System

Provide perfect water quality for your hatchery

Chick Transport

HatchTraveller delivers superior chick quality during transport with our 100% hybrid, battery-driven trailer. Together with the use of fresh-air ventilation, HatchTraveller customers are able to reduce their energy costs by 50-80%.

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