HatchTech Hatcher Baskets

Hatcher Baskets are pieces of equipment that have to perform well in a hatchery in a variety of ways. Ideally, they need to be easy to handle, should enable the very best airflow through the basket, and also help to ensure the safety and well-being of just-hatched chicks. The HatchTech Hatcher Baskets are designed to deliver top performance in all these areas.


Designed for uniform chick quality

The HatchTech Hatcher Baskets are specially designed to uniformly provide optimum airflow to all eggs and chicks in the basket. The entire surface of the basket, including the bottom, is perforated in a pattern that matches up with the HatchTech patented radiators, which maximises laminar airflow. Because the perforations extend all the way from top to bottom, the air reaches all areas of the eggs or chicks. This enhanced airflow removes heat from the eggs and maintains the optimal embryo and chick temperature that delivers uniform chick quality.

The baskets’ dimensions are easy to handle and the weight will always remain manageable. This makes them much more suitable for easy and efficient manual- or semi-automated handling, with less risk to personnel of strain or injury.

The floor of the basket features a special, nonslip layer that prevents eggs from shifting and turning. It also helps the hatchlings to stand up without sliding and prevents splayed legs. As a result, the basket does not require additional paper inserts, saving on labor, costs, and paper waste. Because of the size and shape of the perforations in the basket’s floor, chicks’ feet will not poke through where they may be injured.

Key Features

  • Designed for uniform chick quality
  • Easy and efficient handling
  • Perfect protection of chicks

Product Sheet

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The essence of the technology is automation. It is very user-friendly.

Sergey Litvinenko | Director - GAP

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