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Our expert Customer Care department is available 24/7 to answer your questions and support your staff with day-to-day hatchery management issues, both technical and biological.

Our expert Customer Care department provides hatchery customers around the world with a centralised support system for both the technical and biological side of their operations. The department is staffed by engineering and science professionals, so that all your questions can be answered in the same place. Our Customer Care professionals can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help keep your hatchery running as smoothly as possible.

Please contact us for further information about our Customer Care team, or to speak to a team member.

Meet our Hatchery Coaches

Willem van den Oetelaar MSc.

With a Master’s degree in animal science and a specialisation in animal health and reproduction, Willem van den Oetelaarenjoys applying fundamental research to develop advanced incubation techniques and customer-driven product innovations.

Sabrina van de Kraats MSc.

As part of her Master’s specialisation in animal health and behaviour, Sabrina van de Kraats undertook in-depth research into the effects of eggshell temperature on embryo metabolism, embryo development and chicken quality during the final week of incubation. At HatchTech, Sabrina trains customers around the world to maximise their hatchery performance.

Rick Stigter MSc.

Rick Stigter, Hatchery Coach at HatchTech, educates hatchery staff in the latest hatchery quality standards and procedures to ensure consistent, optimal hatchery performance. He also provides remote and on-site coaching services to support customers with today’s challenging incubation demands, and to help them maximise their hatchery output.

With the support of the HatchTech coaching Team, we’ve seen hatchability increase by about 4%

Kornel Zyla | Owner - Modernhatch

Other hatchery services

My HatchTech

Our intuitive online customer portal, My HatchTech, offers customers round-the-clock access to useful information about their projects, including progress updates and support with training and spare parts.

Spare Parts

HatchTech customers in all locations are able to order spare parts for hatchers, setters and other equipment quickly and easily, via My HatchTech, our easy-to-use online customer portal.


HatchTech offers customers a variety of maintenance options, ranging from routine machine maintenance to bespoke repairs and calibrations and product upgrades.

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