HatchCare – The hatcher with
feed, fresh water and light


With HatchCare, chicks hatch under optimum and uniform temperature conditions, and are provided with light, feed and water as soon as they hatch. This unique combination of features not only delivers stronger, healthier chicks; it is also a significant step towards more animal-friendly, antibiotic-free poultry production.

HatchCare provides ideal conditions for optimal chick growth and development as well as a more humane, animal-friendly environment. Our revolutionary hatcher gives newborn chicks access to feed, fresh water and light straight from birth, as well as a quieter and calmer environment with more space to move around in. Furthermore, HatchCare hatchers are equipped with HatchTech’s patented MicroClimer laminar airflow technology as well as specially designed perforated radiators. This unique combination, which ensures optimal, uniform embryo temperatures for every unhatched chick, is proven to increase hatchability rates and deliver superior chick quality.

Key Features

  • MicroClimer laminar airflow technology
  • Early feeding and fresh water 
  • Improved living conditions: quieter, more space
  • Excellent bio-security and hygiene control 
  • Enables energy efficiency and sustainability 
  • Easy-to-integrate storage and transport options


The combination of optimal temperatures, constant access to feed and water, and a generally more comfortable environment leads to healthier and stronger chicks – and this results in a lower mortality rate and a reduced need for antibiotics and other medicine throughout their lifetime.

Our farmers are willing to pay an extra 3-4 cents per chick

Adam Havler | Sales Manager - Annyalla Chicks


HatchCare is offered in a wide range of different specifications, meeting the specific capacity needs of each customer. For example, HatchCare trays can offer space for either 80 or 90 eggs, while the hatcher’s total capacity can be set at either 85,000 or 95,000 eggs, approximately. All HatchCare systems are delivered with key features, including MicroClimer temperature technology, as well as chick-level LED illumination and our HatchTech CyClean bio-security solution.

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