Feed and fresh water for stronger, healthier day-old chicks

In a hatcher, chicks are born within a specific ‘hatch window’. These first few days of life are critical: while the physical growth phase doesn’t begin until later, our research shows that newly hatched chicks use this window to develop key bodily functions, such as their digestive tract, organs, and their immune and thermoregulatory systems. The optimum source of feed (energy) for newborn chicks to enhance these critical development processes is the nutrient-rich residual yolk sack, so it is essential that the yoke is actually used for this purpose. 

"HatchCare is the only hatcher system providing chicks with the basic necessity of water"

We believe that providing feed and fresh water to newborn chicks straight from birth allows the animal the best possible start in life, providing a foundation for long-term chick health, development and quality. The ‘early-feeding’ concept is therefore an integral element of HatchTech’s incubation and hatcher solutions.

How early feeding works 

In the HatchCare system, newly hatched chicks enter the separate HatchCare Basket via one of the many open spaces on the HatchCare Tray, known as an Eggs-it. The Basket has feed troughs on two sides, each containing enough feed for 24-36 hours. When chicks begin feeding directly after hatching, the weight of the feed pushes the residual yolk into the intestinal tract, naturally stimulating the absorption of important nutrients. In this way, the external feed provides the chicks with the energy needed for basic maintenance, while the high-value nutrition of the yolk can be used for its most important purpose: critical organ- and immune-system development.

Fresh water from birth

HatchCare is the only hatcher system providing chicks with the basic necessity of water from the moment they hatch, responding not only to what the chick needs for optimal development, but also to modern demands for more animal-friendly production. As soon as a chick hatches, it begins losing moisture through its breath, leading to an average 8% decrease in body weight. To counteract this, HatchCare provides newly hatched chicks with a continuous supply of fresh flowing water, via specially installed drinking gutters in the HatchCare Basket.

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With HatchCare, chicks hatch under optimum and uniform temperature conditions, and are provided with fresh water, feed and light as soon as they hatch.

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