Laminar Airflow

Uniform environmental conditions ensured

Developed by HatchTech’s in-house research team, our innovative Laminar Airflow solution ensures optimal, uniform climate and temperature conditions for chicks before and after hatching.

A number of years ago, the HatchTech Research Team rigorously tested the effects of temperature, air velocity and humidity on chick wellbeing. Through their research, they discovered a direct link between hatchability and chick quality, and maintaining uniform temperature and climate conditions at chick and egg level during the incubation and post-hatching phase. Based on this important finding, we developed our patented Laminar Airflow solution: an innovative cooling and temperature solution that ensures optimal, homogenous incubation and hatching conditions for chicks before and directly after hatching. 

"Our Laminar Airflow solution ensures optimal, uniform climate and temperature conditions for chicks before and after hatching."

How it works

Laminar airflow takes place via specially designed, perforated radiators, which create pressure differentials that distribute the air in a uniform flow of parallel air layers. The air moves uniformly across each egg or chick mass – from top to bottom as well as from front to back – and the air flow is delivered consistently to all parts of the incubator or hatching room. 


  • The ventilator creates a pressure differential and moves air to the right side of the incubator;
  • The air moves to the left side through small, perforated holes in each radiator. An equal amount of air flows through every perforated hole at an equal velocity;
  • The air passes through the eggs or chick baskets in equal laminar layers, delivering the same perfect, uniform airflow and temperature;
  • Laminar airflow ensures that the optimal temperature that the MicroClimer climate technology produces is homogenously delivered to every single egg or chick. 

This precise temperature control functionality translates into chick quality that is not only outstanding, but also highly uniform – delivering superior long-term results for hatcheries and other poultry producers.  

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At HatchTech, we create the ideal conditions for incubation, based on our scientific research. Providing superior chick quality is part of our DNA, and our knowledge forms the basis of all our solutions.

Efficient Hatchery

Our incubators create the most efficient hatchery on the market, increasing the capacity of (existing) hatcheries and saving on building and operational costs.

Early Feeding

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