Delivering superior chick quality during transport


HatchTraveller is HatchTech’s fully customisable chick transport system, based on laminar airflow technology and patented perforated radiators. Our unique solution allows chick producers to transport up to 183,600 day-old chicks per truckload, while reducing space and energy costs and ensuring optimal, uniform environmental conditions throughout the journey between hatchery and broiler house. A chick’s best possible start for growth and ongoing development, so that it can later achieve its full growth potential.

Key Features

  • Transports up to 183,600 chicks per truckload
  • Chicks maintain an optimum body temperature
  • Laminar airflow ensures uniform conditions
  • Reduces fuel costs (and carbon footprint) by as much as 80%
  • Space-efficient and easy to operate
  • Fully customisable according to your needs

Fully Customisable

HatchTraveller is fully customisable through our online configurator, allowing customers to meet their unique transportation needs. With its customisable volume levels and trailer design, for example, each HatchTraveller can be adjusted to the specific capacity and distance requirements of producers, as well as the infrastructure and climatic conditions of the local market. HatchTraveller also supports the use of different equipment and chick types, including HatchCare chicks, or those born using traditional hatchery equipment.


Configure your HatchTraveller

Fully customisable chick transport

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