Control the brooding environment
during the critical first 4 days
of a chick’s life

Ultimate Brooding Control

Controlling the brooding period requires professionalism and dedication. However, many poultry houses struggle to control key variables, such as air temperature, floor temperature, air velocity and humidity levels. HatchBrood balances and controls all of the crucial environmental variables during the  critical first four days of a chick’s life known as the brooding period, ensuring all chicks maintain an optimal, uniform body temperature.

Specifically, our solution ensures a continuous supply of fresh water, air, feed and light for brooding chicks, while maintaining environmental conditions, such as air temperature, air velocity, humidity and CO2 levels, at the perfect level. As well as stabilising these key variables, HatchBrood uses sensors to monitor the real-time air temperature in each of the different sections. The result is a consistent, homogenous environment and optimal body temperature for every chick within the system, setting the perfect foundation for healthy long-term growth and development. 

Key Features

  • Patented perforated radiators
  • Direct-driven ventilation 
  • Uniform laminar airflow 
  • Temperature sensors within each section 
  • Radiator temperature adjusted by HatchBrood Controlller
  • Enables lower energy consumption and costs

Capacity Options

Our brooding solution holds up to 39,600 chicks across 12 sections, and is equipped with advanced temperature-monitoring and precision-cooling technology.


The cradles are designed to hold 50 chicks each. The chicks have uniform access to fresh water, feed, fresh air and light. Each cradle has a surface area of 4,000 cm2 – a generous 80 cm2 per chick.


The effect of early feeding on chicks is significant

Edwin Paardekooper | Livestock Director - Probroed & Sloot

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