Hatchery Ventilation

Control environmental parameters to produce high-quality chicks

In hatcheries, the ability to control environmental parameters such as temperature, air flow, and relative humidity levels is essential to produce high-quality chicks. The HatchTech Ventilation System enables you to do so, and to maintain an optimal climate in every part of your hatchery – from the HatchTech MicroClimer Setters and Hatchers to the open working areas. The pressure-controlled system combines the highest bio-security standards with very low energy consumption, so you will enjoy both peace of mind and long-term savings.

Environmental conditions in the setters and hatchers are constantly changing as the embryos develop, and proper ventilation is required to maintain the correct air temperature and relative humidity level. At the same time, it is important to create an optimal environment in the areas for your employees as well as for the eggs and chicks.

To ensure perfect ventilation throughout the entire hatchery installation, the HatchTech Ventilation System is divided into three independent systems, each of which has its own dedicated Air Handling Unit (AHU): setters and hatchers, chick processing area and remaining rooms.

The individual AHUs are equipped with their own climate controllers, which control humidity pressure and temperature. They also contain a cooling, heating and an energy recovery system that brings the air temperature to precisely the level required. The AHUs also include a frost protection unit as a standard feature.

The AHU units are available separately, but we can also deliver them together as a complete hatchery-wide ventilation system. In this case, our in-house engineering design team creates a tailor-made installation plan, with all the necessary ductwork and connections.

Key Features

  • Optimal climate control
  • Maximum bio-security
  • Energy efficient

Product Sheet

Learn how to control environmental parameters such as temperature, air flow, and relative humidity levels in order to produce high-quality chicks.

Our chicks are 15 grams heavier than we would normally see

Derek Detzler | Executive Director - Trillium Hatchery

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