Hatchery Pre-Humidification Unit

Ensuring optimal environmental conditions throughout the incubation process

In hatcheries, it is essential to have a ventilation system that controls environmental parameters such as temperature, air flow, and relative humidity in order to produce high-quality chicks. Within such systems, Air Handling Units filter and condition the air to the preferred temperature level.

HatchTech has developed a high-quality system that pre-humidifies the air before it enters the HatchTech MicroClimer Setters and Hatchers. The HatchTech Pre-Humidification Unit ensures an optimally conditioned air supply for your HatchTech MicroClimer Setters and Hatchers – and optimal functioning – year-round.

The HatchTech Pre-Humidification Unit is part of the ventilation system, and is positioned just after the Air Handling Unit. The HatchTech Pre-Humidification Unit, in turn, contains six U-Vaporators™.

How does it work?

  • The HatchTech Pre-Humidification Unit measures the relative humidity of the air.
  • If the relative humidity is too low, the controller calculates how much additional humidification is necessary, and activates the appropriate number of the U-Vaporators™ to create it.
  • The U-Vaporators™ emit small, rapid vibrations, which create extremely small water droplets.

The result is a 24/7 air supply with an optimum level of humidity for the HatchTech MicroClimer Setters and Hatchers in your hatchery.

Key Features

  • U-Vaporator™ technology for perfect humidity
  • Stable and optimal incubation environment in all seasons

Product Sheet

Learn how to maintain optimal environmental conditions throughout the incubation process.

The effect of early feeding on chicks is significant

Edwin Paardekooper | Livestock Director - Probroed & Sloot

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