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SetCare is a revolutionary new solution from HatchTech. Developed through years of extensive in-house research into the start of the incubation process, our setter system extends the incubation period for eggs from the industry-standard 21 days to 24 days. The result is a significant (3%) increase in the hatch of higher-quality chicks.


SetCare builds on HatchTech’s years of research into the beginning of the incubation period. In 2021, HatchTech’s research team began a new investigation into the early incubation period. The results were revolutionary: it was discovered that a modified start to the incubation period – as part of a 24-day incubation process – significantly reduces early embryo mortality and improves chick quality at hatching.

In addition, this improvement contributes to the production of healthier and more robust poultry, from the beginning to the end of the post-hatching period. These findings led to the development of a breakthrough new setter: SetCare.


Achieving the optimal hatching environment requires ultra-precise control of the incubation environment. SetCare is specifically designed to provide this precision control, with radiators containing highly sensitive sensors positioned next to each trolley. Furthermore, SetCare has one mixing unit for every six trolleys, compared to the industry standard of a single unit per setter. This configuration allows better control of temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. SetCare’s glass gas-sealed doors and advanced software further optimise this process.

Key benefits

Extending the incubation period to 24 days results in an increase in hatchability of first-grade chicks of at least 3% and improved chick quality. SetCare also reduces first-week mortality and improves post-hatch performance at the processing stage. These benefits are even more pronounced when hatching eggs are of suboptimal quality (e.g. due to prolonged storage). This is because SetCare can significantly reverse the negative effects of prolonged egg storage.

  • Results in an increase in hatchability of first-grade chicks of at least 3% and improved chick quality.
  • Positive incubation results for all storage durations, with superior benefits for prolonged storage.
  • Reduces first-week mortality and improves post-hatch performance on reaching the processing stage.
  • Suitable for both layer and broiler hatching eggs.

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