Egg Sanitation Room

Egg sanitation made simple

Good hygiene is absolutely essential in the poultry industry. When eggs are produced and stored in hygienic conditions, the results are improved hatchability and healthier birds. But specific measures have to be taken to achieve this.

A variety of micro-organisms, both bacterial and viral, are naturally found on the surface of the eggs. Some of these microorganisms can infect and kill the developing embryo, while others are risks to food safety and field performance. One of the most effective ways to reduce bacterial and viral contamination of embryos and chicks is to fumigate the eggs.

The HatchTech Egg Sanitation Room is constructed from high-quality PUR sandwich panels with a special, food-safe coating. The room is equipped with all the components and equipment necessary for effective, carefully controlled fumigation.

HatchTech’s Egg Sanitation Room features patented MicroClimer Technology. The special perforated radiators create a unique laminar airflow which provides optimal distribution of the chemical disinfectant, and ensures that all eggs are fumigated in an equal and uniform way.

Key Features

  • One complete package
  • Absolutely uniform fumigation
  • Easy, automatic, total control

Product Sheet

Learn how to make egg sanitation highly effective and controlled, with ease.

Our chicks are 15 grams heavier than we would normally see

Derek Detzler | Executive Director - Trillium Hatchery

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