Maximise the capacity of your hatchery without impacting the quality of your chicks.

Run efficiently and save on building and operational costs

As a high-volume but independent broiler hatchery, your goal is to achieve the perfect balance between price, volume and quality. In a globalised marketplace, we realise your customers have a greater choice of suppliers than ever before; to win – and keep – their business, you need to provide them with the highest levels of chick quality as well as a minimum level of first-week mortality. All at a competitive price.

While external market forces may be out of your control, it’s up to you to remain flexible and able to adjust and expand capacity to meet your customers’ needs. Running a flexible, agile business starts with ensuring that your day-to-day production processes run as efficiently as possible. This means maximising capacity within your hatchery, and ensuring that each square metre in your hatchery is put to good use.

Our chicks are 15 grams heavier than we would normally see

Derek Detzler | Executive Director - Trillium Hatchery

HatchTech’s incubation technology is designed with efficiency in mind, offering more egg and/or chick spaces per square metre than traditional hatching solutions. Because of this, we can help you maintain high levels of supply and the best possible margins, saving on your building and energy costs without compromising the quality or welfare of your chicks. What’s more, our MicroClimer setters and hatchers are available in a wide variety of sizes, allowing you the flexibility you need to run an agile, successful business, and to balance your produce, processes and profits in the best way possible.

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HatchTech Setter Trolleys

HatchTech Setter Trolleys are designed to support an optimal incubation process. Strong, durable and extremely stable.


With HatchCare, chicks hatch under optimum and uniform temperature conditions, and are provided with fresh water, feed and light as soon as they hatch.

MicroClimer Setters

MicroClimer Setters harness HatchTech’s laminar airflow technology to enable optimal developmental conditions for your eggs throughout incubation.

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