Layer hatcheries that need flexible capacity and ensure optimal, uniform results.

Choose flexible solutions to meet your unique business needs, and ensure optimal, uniform results.

As a layer hatchery, your needs are unique from those of other chick suppliers and, when it comes to day-old chicks, your customers value strength and quality above all else. Because of this, we realise that incubating layer eggs is a highly precise and sensitive process – one that leaves little room for error.

Flexibility and control are equally as important: as well as ensuring optimal and uniform quality, you need the freedom to adjust your supply according to fluctuating market supply and demand dynamics, and the needs of your customers as well as wider market trends. In particular, you face pressure to adopt more sustainable and animal-friendly processes – such as reducing feed additives and antibiotics – while also ensuring a consistently high level of output and chick quality.

Our hatchery is an international leader in the industry

Mr. Wang Lianzeng | Chairman - HuaYu, largest layer hatchery in the world.

The solutions we offer meet the specific needs of layer hatcheries, enabling you to incorporate new trends and product requirements, without impacting the supply, quality or uniformity of your product, or increasing your costs per unit. In particular, our market-leading hatching and incubation technology offers low-maintenance, automated solutions for precision climate control, which can be easily adjusted according to your capacity requirements and the demands of your customers.

Select your products:

HatchTech Setter Trolleys

HatchTech Setter Trolleys are designed to support an optimal incubation process. Strong, durable and extremely stable.

MicroClimer Hatchers

MicroClimer Hatchers enable optimal incubation conditions for eggs, maximising hatchability as well as the quality of newborn birds.

MicroClimer Setters

MicroClimer Setters harness HatchTech’s laminar airflow technology to enable optimal developmental conditions for your eggs throughout incubation.

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