The highest standards for early feeding, ‘no-touch’ automation and animal welfare.

The most innovative automated hatchery equipment in the world

As a high-end broiler hatchery, we recognise that the success of your business is determined first and foremost by the quality of your produce. But there are external factors to be aware of: with changing societal trends and a growing consumer conscience, animal welfare, traceability and sustainability issues are increasingly top of mind for your customers and their customers.

In the modern food industry landscape, antibiotics reduction, NGO approval and other sustainability benchmarks are no longer simply the ‘nice to have’ they once were, but rather a minimum guarantee for your customers. And having reached this level, your next challenge is to differentiate yourself by being able to offer a range of high-quality, specialist products at an affordable price. Meanwhile, as a high-end producer, your processes are under constant and intensive scrutiny; you must maintain the highest food industry standards for animal welfare as well as hygiene.

We see chicks starts less than 1% seven-day mortality

Scott Sechler | President and Owner - Bell & Evans

HatchTech’s solutions, including our market-leading incubation technology, HatchCare, as well as our ‘no touch’ automated chick-handling solution, offer maximum control over all aspects of your hatchery environment – from temperature and climate to chick welfare and biosecurity. As well as driving chick performance, our systems are sustainable, energy-efficient and animal-friendly by design, helping you to meet the different expectations demanded of your business while delivering high-quality chicks at a competitive price.

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Chick Transport

HatchTraveller delivers superior chick quality during transport with our 100% hybrid, battery-driven trailer. Together with the use of fresh-air ventilation, HatchTraveller customers are able to reduce their energy costs by 50-80%.


With HatchCare, chicks hatch under optimum and uniform temperature conditions, and are provided with fresh water, feed and light as soon as they hatch.

MicroClimer Setters

MicroClimer Setters harness HatchTech’s laminar airflow technology to enable optimal developmental conditions for your eggs throughout incubation.

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