HatchTraveller wins Supply Chain Innovation Award at British Poultry Awards 2019

Last week, HatchTech won the Supply Chain Innovation Award for its HatchTraveller at the British Poultry Awards 2019 in London. This event has been visited by more than 250 poultry industry stakeholders, including manufacturers, producers, retailers and farmers.

HatchTraveller uses fresh air from the outside to cool at chick level. This reduces the energy demand and that is why HatchTraveller’s can rely on a hybrid power system to support ventilation and lighting. The battery charges automatically while driving and for longer distances one or two back-up generators can be provided. With a capacity to transport up to 183,600 chicks per truckload, fewer journeys are necessary. This results in a much lower carbon footprint and an overall reduction in full costs of up to 80%.

Furthermore HatchTraveller contains the laminar airflow technology that ensures that chicks are provided with a constant airflow and optimal temperature. This concept combined with fresh air and light at chick level ensures optimal conditions in every single basket for day-old chicks during transport, ensuring their health and welfare and delivering superior long-term chick quality. Another unique aspect of the HatchTraveller is that it is fully customisable via an online configurator, so it fits the needs of every customer.

Stefan Holdinga, Business Developer HatchTraveller, says: “Winning this award is recognition of our continuing search for innovations and improvements of our incubation products. Worldwide our customers transport their chicks with HatchTraveller’s to provide them with optimal climate conditions. I am very proud that we found a way to reduce the energy demand and to contribute to the animal welfare.”

We appreciate the British Poultry Awards 2019 organization for this great event and the recognition we get by winning this award. HatchTraveller will continue to innovate to reduce the carbon footprint, improve animal welfare and ensure superior quality chicks.

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