ModernHatch expands its partnership with new HatchCare agreement

ModernHatch, one of the largest integrated hatchery in Poland, is expanding its partnership with HatchTech by investing in two new HatchCare units. This is another step in a long and successful collaboration between HatchTech and ModernHatch, which has allowed the hatchery to expand its operations and serve the ever-growing European poultry market.

The partnership between HatchTech and ModernHatch began in 2010 when ModernHatch purchased the first stage of a modern and completely turn-key hatchery, based on the MicroClimer Setters and Hatchers technology. At that time, the hatchery was producing around 35 million day-old chicks (DOCs) per year. Since then, the company has continuously invested in HatchTech products to keep up with growing customer demand, introducing its first HatchCare machines a few years ago. Supported by the new technology, production has increased to 120 million DOCs per year.

Investment in early feeding produces results

Through HatchCare, the hatcher with feed, fresh water and light, ModernHatch has proven to be a leader in the market with innovation as their biggest driver, allowing the company to achieve consistent improvement in chick quality and profitability. Introducing feed much earlier in the developmental cycle stimulates the chick’s digestive and immune systems from the moment of hatching, a pivotal stage of development. The result is superior chick quality as well as improved long-term chick performance and financial results.

“We pride ourselves on providing the ideal environment for our newly hatched chicks to grow and develop, and HatchCare gives us the tools to do just that,” says Kornel Zyla, Development Director at ModernHatch. “There is a very good reason we are called ModernHatch: we use innovative, emerging technologies to build on our leading position and further grow our market share. Our original decision to invest in HatchCare directly reflected this ambition, and over the years our selection has clearly paid off. HatchCare chicks are healthier, more resilient and provide a better yield, which of course means increased profitability for farmers.”

Capturing new growth opportunities

As Eastern Europe becomes an increasingly important hub for poultry farming, the Polish poultry market is expected to see stable growth over the coming years. Poland is the biggest sole producer of poultry in Europe, and with HatchTech’s support, local hatcheries can ensure their chicks are of consistently high quality and constantly in demand.

“We’re grateful for this excellent long-term partnership with ModernHatch and look forward to helping the company build on its recent success through our HatchCare technology,” says Patrick van Manen, International Sales Manager at HatchTech. “ModernHatch is clearly a forward-thinking company, and their year-on-year results show that the continued investment in HatchCare, in particular, is paying off”

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