Hungary’s poultry dynasty extends HatchTech investment

The Baromfi-Coop, a longtime HatchTech client, is expanding its hatchery with a range of HatchTech equipment. It is the latest stage in a long and successful partnership that has seen the company steadily increase its production capacity over the past decade.

The company is run by the Bárány family, who have been involved in poultry breeding for over 114 years. As part of Hungary’s oldest poultry dynasty, the Baromfi-Coop combined a commitment to quality passed down over four generations with the most forward-thinking equipment and practices.

HatchTech is proud to have been part of this journey since 2012 when the Baromfi-Coop installed its first HatchTech turn-key hatchery. This included MicroClimer Setters and Hatchers, temperature regulation, and ventilation systems. Since then, the company has chosen to extend its investment in HatchTech equipment in 2014, 2016 and 2019.

Optimal growth conditions

In 2021, the Baromfi-Coop enlarged its hatchery once again with HatchTech’s support. The latest expansion has seen the addition of further MicroClimer Setters and Hatchers, together with additional ventilation units to support them. The upgrade has increased the Baromfi-Coop’s capacity by about 700,000 eggs per week. To accommodate the extra chicks, the company has also invested in a HatchTech Chick Storage Room. This latest investment takes the Baromfi-Coop’s total capacity to around two million day-old chicks (DOCs) per week, with the potential to further increase the number of incubators.

“HatchTech solutions consistently provide us with superior chick quality,” says Peter Bárány, owner of the Baromfi-Coop. “From a business perspective, I particularly appreciate the design of the hatcheries, which integrate easily with existing units. This allows us to expand our operations quickly and cost-effectively.”

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