Organo Group selects HatchCare for their new broiler hatchery in Egypt

Organo Group, an established agricultural player in the Egyptian market has selected HatchTech for the construction of a state-of-the-art greenfield HatchCare hatchery complex near the famous city of Giza. The cooperation is founded on the shared philosophy of technological market leadership and the will to excel in technical performance throughout hatchery and farm level.

The new hatchery will include the HatchTech Microclimer Setters 200.640 and HathCare, the hatcher with feed, light, and freshwater. It will be equipped with HatchTech’s advanced cooling, heating, and ventilation systems. The implementation of HatchCare will provide the newly hatched chicks a combination of optimal environmental conditions and instant access to feed and freshwater. These conditions will result in healthier and stronger chicks, with lower mortality rates and an improved feed conversion ratio (FCR). We are proud that the Organo Group of Egypt has chosen HatchCare as the designated technology on which they build their hatchery operation.

“By choosing early feeding and drinking, the Organo group ensures itself of a hatchery that is future-proof and well prepared for the coming decades and the industry challenges that lie ahead.   They will set a new benchmark for efficient poultry production in the region. We are honored to support Organo Group in their ambitious endeavors” says Colin Groen, sales manager for HatchTech in Northern Africa.

“Organo Group believes in embracing the best technology available to reach our goals. By partnering with HatchTech we have chosen a supplier which supports and shares our companies values and philosophy. We are pioneering our industry by building the first HatchCare hatchery on African and Egyptian soil. Organo Group envisions a future in which efficient food production becomes every so important. By choosing HatchCare as the technology for our hatchery operation we make a big step and fulfill a leading role, towards more efficient and high-quality poultry production. With better FCR and overall field performance, HatchCare ensures us a lower cost-price per kg and therewith supports our plans for consolidating our market position and further expansion and development for our group. Says Organo Group Chairman of the Board, Mr. Adel Hafez.

HatchCare on the African continent.

With the implementation of HatchCare in Egypt, HatchCare marks the presence on all inhabited continents on earth. The clear benefits of HatchCare are acknowledged worldwide regardless of external factors, such as climate or local farm management conditions. After its introduction in Europe in 2014 and the ever-growing global adaptation since, HathchCare has left its mark on the global broiler production chain. Seeing cost-oriented markets embracing early feeding and drinking technology for the sheer benefits it provides on a technical performance level, shows the versatility of this technology and the great potential that it brings.

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